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DC 9-60V 12v 24v 36V 48V 12A Controlador de motores DC PWM de Velocidad Ajustable de la pantalla Digital del codificador relación de servicio frecuencia ZK-BMG

$6 011

$6 904

Disponibilidad :En stock


Etiquetas: directo extrusora para la impresora 3d, 12 24v motor variador de velocidad, controlador de controlador de 36v, risun controlador de motor, control pwm, 12v motor, controlador pwm de 12 en, ir codificador, dc paso, 220v motor de ca.


  • Tipo De Motor: motor dc
  • Número De Modelo: ZK-BMG

PWM regulator working, compact. The adjustment on the scoreboard is displayed as a percentage of 0 to 100%. The carrier frequency is clearly higher than 20 kHz, the ear of foreign sounds is not heard. When removing the power, it remembers the exposed percentage, but does not remember the state. T. E. If the regulator has been switched off from the panel by pressing the encoder and with PWM at this point relieve the voltage, and then re-submit, then the regulator immediately starts at the previously displayed percentage. P.S. A good, good device, for adequate money.

Linar S T R (2020-11-15)

Siuntą Lietuvoje gavau 2020 M. gruodžio 5 D., Kaip planuota. Tikrai galingas DC9-60V, 12A variklio greičio valdiklis. Prijungsiu prie kabinos ventiliatoriaus variklio, norėdamas valdyti variklio greitį. Puikus IR patikimas pardavėjas. Rekomenduoju.

Oksanastrilnik (2020-12-06)


Abrasheva (2020-12-15)

When turned on-smooth overclocking, which is great. The indicator is too bright. No reverse.

Preta Linda (2020-12-01)

The parcel came on time thanks to the seller

Matheus Mt 1996 (2021-01-03)

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